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Perryman Ranch
Ranch Entrance
Original sweetwater well at the Ranch
Tulsa Native, Perryman Descendant Returns to Celebrate 100th Birthday
Aunt Wavel Ashbaugh at the front door of the Perryman Homestead.
Wavel Ashbaugh's 100th birthday was celebrated at the Perryman Ranch.
By Michael Overall
Tulsa World Staff Writer

Coming home to Tulsa for her 100th birthday, Wavel Ashbaugh remembers horse-drawn buggies on Main Street. "I knew downtown as the place to go to the ice-cream parlor and to the movies," says Ashbaugh, a direct descendant of Benjamin Perryman, one of the original Creek Indian settlers in the Tulsa area."I like downtowns, and I really miss that here."

Having lived in California since the 1940s, Ashbaugh came back to Oklahoma to tour several places from her childhood, including her mother's original 160-acre allotment where Wilson Middle School now sits.
On July 10, Ashbaugh visited the famous Perryman Ranch in Jenks, where the main house was rebuilt in 1910 (the same year she was born) due to a fire.

Monetta Trepp, ranch owner, and her son Rob Trepp hosted a birthday party for her.
 Ashbaugh remembers playing on the front porch as a little girl, and also remembers visits with Aunt Rachel Perryman.
Country's Oldest
White Bison Passes Away

TULSA, Okla. – Perryman Ranch has announced that Yvnvssv Hetke, the oldest male white bison in North America, has died.  The announcement was delayed in order that the remains could be buried secretly to prevent theft.  Several Native elders visited the site following the burial.  He was found deep in the thicket at the west end of Perryman Ranch, near Coal Creek, the morning after the October full moon.  The veterinarian who was called in said he died of natural causes, apparently from old age.  In the wild, bison (American buffalo) live to be about 25 years old.

Yvnvssv Hetke is Mvskoke (Muscogee) for bison, white.  He was about 30 years old, and had lived on the Perryman Ranch 20 years along with the Ranch’s herd of longhorn cattle, descended from the original Perryman herd driven here from Alabama around 1830.  He was owned by Robert W. Trepp, Loca’pokv Mvskoke, and Martin R. Shackelford, Osage.  Shackelford passed away in 2006.  Perryman Ranch is owned by Monetta Trepp, the daughter of the late Edith Perryman Johnson. Robert Trepp is active in Muscogee (Creek) Nation tribal affairs.

Although he was known to eat almost anything he could reach, his favorite treats seemed to be apples, pears, and oranges, all of which he ate whole.  He was also known to keep company with his choice of “girlfriends” in the longhorn herd.  He was steered before the Ranch acquired him, and left no offspring.  He “escaped” the Ranch twice, once dragging 1/8 mile of barbed wire fence into Elwood to lead the longhorns north, another time leading the herd west through the residential neighborhood toward US-75.

The Perryman Ranch preserves the 1910 ranch home Rachel (Dot), Cozetta, and Edith, the daughters of Mose Perryman, and Alice and H. Dale, children of Lula Dunbar Perryman Jordan, as well as the 1898 barn and an even older sandstone root cellar.  80 acres of Mose Perryman’s allotment of Muscogee tribal lands are preserved by Mrs. Trepp, his only surviving grandchild. -- Native American Times

 Michael Wallis, noted Tulsa author, was the luncheon speaker for the AIAA's October 18 Harvest Feast. A best-selling author and award-winning reporter, Michael is a historian and biographer of the American West who also has gained international notoriety as a speaker and voice talent. Michael has published fifteen books, including "Route 66: The Mother Road," the book credited with sparking the resurgence of interest in the highway. Michael's biography of David Crockett, entitled "David Crockett: The Lion of the West," was published in 2011.

Michael's work has been published in hundreds of national and international magazines and newspapers. In 2006 his distinctive voice was heard in CARS, an animated feature film from Pixar Studios. He was also featured in CARS 2 in 2011. 

The longhorn cattle on the ranch are descendants of the Perryman's original herd, driven from the Florida Panhandle in the 1830's.